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To improve the visibility of a website, you can use two types of search engine optimization: sponsored search engine optimization and organic search engine optimization. The trick to having an effective website is to use natural referencing.

Creation or redesign of a website

Let's create your
website together

To create a website that respects the image of the brand, like parents-heureux.fr, the entrepreneur must collaborate with the web agency. Indeed, the design of a corporate site must be conceived in consultation with the client. The client can provide details of his expectations.


Quality corporate

To create a quality corporate site, it will be necessary to regularly produce relevant content. Work on networking by collaborating with partner sites…

Beautiful and design
showcase website

Create a design website inspired by the best websites. Professional quality websites are simple and elegant.

e-commerce website

An efficient e-commerce website benefits from a good visibility. This advantage boosts traffic and conversions.

Green hosting and maintenance

Maintenance and
web hosting

A website needs regular maintenance to keep its visibility, like the case of nosenfantsmeritentmieux.fr. In order to have a good website, the portal owner should choose a high quality hosting.

Mobile application

Mobile development & design

A technical team is ready to carry out various projects: new Apple or Android applications, rework of an existing application… To rework existing projects, a mobile application developer masters various languages: Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Java, ReactNative.

Technological advances

Communication and digital marketing

Digital marketing is about promoting companies, generating leads, building customer loyalty…

A well thought-out SEO site

The essentials!

Improve your URLs and tags

For a site to grow, survive and be profitable, there is a solution, use organic traffic by optimising your tags and URLs.

Optimise your images & videos

Video is an important format in an SEO strategy. To optimise images and videos, you need to know how to reference them.

Target your keywords & backlinks

Creating quality links is a way to boost traffic, SEO and website performance.


Our ways to improve
the User eXperience

Business leaders are aware of the importance of user experience. To stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial to keep customers happy. User eXperience is the basis of the business strategy of many companies.

Power of social media

Social networks,
make the most of it!

Succeed in your content marketing with the experience of a personal consultant and the know-how of professional writers. To sustain a company’s business, you need to take the time to communicate and be active on social networks.

A Facebook

To spread their information through social networks, companies need to use fan pages.

A Twitter

The creation of a Twitter account can be done with an email address or a phone number.


An Instagram Story is a collection of videos or photo content that generates engagement among users.